Volvo’s Latest Ad Campaign Asks: How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Volvo's Latest Ad Campaign Asks: How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Volvo’s Ad Campaign Uses Interactive Digital Out-of-Home Media to Invite Consumers to Create Their Perfect Test Drive

UNITED KINGDOM — Want to find out more about yourself? Volvo’s latest ad campaign lets consumers do just that by getting up close and personal using a new interactive digital out-of-home campaign created by EHS4D, a UK-based marketing agency, and produced by Grand Visual, an award winning, UK-based production and creative technology developer.

Volvo’s campaign asks consumers to explore the wide-range of available option for their new V40 sedan using an interactive touchscreen interface. Based on the user’s final section of options, the interactive program selects the category that best reflects their unique personality type, such as “The Fiery One” for a decked out red sports model. A number of options are provided through the street-level interactive interface that include selecting the V40’s color, alloys, interior, and driving mode. Based on the end result, a unique, individualized V40 car profile is created that reveals the users personality type and description based on the criteria that they have selected. The final screen prompts users to enter their name and email address for the chance to win the perfect test drive “designed around you” in Sweden. The campaign launches Volvo’s new V40 model using JCDecaux’s network of outdoor interactive 6-sheet touch screen displays at bus and railroad stations across the United Kingdom.

“Volvo’s Scandinavian origins provide a unique opportunity to explore the simplicity in design and to create vehicles that are designed around people – and this campaign is a brilliantly engaging example of how we’re bringing that to life,” said Kylee Rush, at Volvo Car UK. “It allows people to easily interact with the All-New Volvo V40, and personalize the car to their own taste. It clearly communicates the capacity for consumers to individualize and hone their Volvo V40 to make it their own.”

"It's You" The interface for Volvo's V40 interactive digital out-of-home campaign enabled consumers to discover their unique personality type.“The All-New Volvo V40 is for those who want to stand out from the crowd, so it’s fantastic to be able to use innovative media to express that idea,” said Jimmy Thompson, Associate Creative Director at EHS4D. “It allows us to be both disruptive and make a huge impact across a broad network. And just as importantly, we’re able to capture the details of those who interact with the campaign.”

“This campaign makes the most of the medium by engaging commuters with one to one content at bus stops where dwell times are high, and then dynamically delivering their personalized V40 creations to a broader audience across the UK,” said Dan Dawson, Digital Director at Grand Visual.

The Individuality concept was created by EHS4D, the media campaign was planned and booked by Mindshare and Kinetic, while the campaign was delivered via Grand Visual’s OpenLoop platform.

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