Vector Media Adds Beacons to Transit Advertising Network

Vector Media and Gimbal Partner to Create Transit Geolocation Offering for Location and Proximity Specific Engagement

Vector Media and Gimbal Partner to Provide Geolocation Offering for Out-of-Home Advertising Campaigns

NEW YORK, NYVector Media will be adding location-based marketing technology to its transit advertising network through a new partnership with Gimbal, a leader in location and proximity-based mobile engagement. Vector Media’s transit advertising network will provide both geofencing and beacon technologies enabling new targeting capabilities for brands to utilize as part of their out-of-home transit advertising campaigns.

The initial agreement will outfit 500 buses in Vector’s nationwide network with Gimbal beacons that will engage both riders and passersby within a 50-meter radius of the selected vehicles. The Gimbal solution will give Vector’s advertisers the ability to push relevant offers, discounts and messages to users within that radius who have opted in to Gimbal’s mobile application publisher ecosystem.

Gimbal’s complete solution including best in class analytics will also allow Vector Media to enhance the data and reporting already furnished by the Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) Out-of-Home Ratings. Through Gimbal’s geofencing and beacon technology, Vector will be able to provide first-party location data from opt-in mobile app users to show the conversion associated with campaigns.

“This technology is incredibly powerful for our advertisers, allowing them to reach not only the right people at the right time, but at exactly the right place,” said Gary Greenstein, vice president, Vector Media. “The broad app ecosystem will allow our advertisers to extend their OOH impact directly into the hands of their target audience with measurable ROI.”

Vector Media’s North American double-decker network includes tour vehicles in retail-heavy markets like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami among others. With routes largely in highly trafficked areas, the network reaches not only a significant tourist audience but locals as well. Vector’s buses travel through highly coveted areas like New York’s Wall Street and Beverly Hills.

Vector Media Adds Beacons to Transit Advertising Network

“Gimbal is excited to partner with innovative media leaders like Vector Media to provide new ways to connect brands, mobile app audiences, transportation service and beacon-enabled assets,” said Ray Rotolo, SVP of OOH Assets for Gimbal. “These smart connections offer an attractive solution to advertisers looking to connect digitally with mobile users and measure the effectiveness of an engagement based on real-world behaviors using our industry-leading back-end data analytics.”

By bridging the digital and physical worlds, the Gimbal platform provides passive mobile engagement through Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons with support for both iOS and Android, along with advanced geofencing and analytics, unmatched security features and privacy controls. Gimbal has earned TRUSTe’s certification for consumer-controlled privacy, is a member of the Future of Privacy Forum and delivers industry-leading security via its secure software and transmissions.

Vector Media specializing in large-format transit advertising, traditional out-of-home media and interactive brand experiences. The company’s current inventory of over 15,000 out-of-home faces includes bulletins, wallscapes, telephone kiosks and over 6,000 transit advertising faces, including buses, shuttles and taxis. Vector Media digital out-of-home assets include the South Beach Digital Network, a network of digital kiosks in hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants throughout South Beach, as well as double decker buses with large format digital screens.

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