Traffic Audit Bureau Re-Brands as Geopath

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Shift from Inventory to Audience Provides Deeper Consumer Insights and Alignment with Other Media Measurement

BOCA RATON, FL — The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement, commonly known as the TAB, announced at its annual conference today that it would change its name to Geopath. The rebrand signals a shift for the 83 year-old out-of-home (OOH) advertising ratings organization, a not for profit membership organization of advertisers, agencies and media companies whose mission is to independently audit and report OOH ratings throughout the United States.

According to the TAB, the Geopath brand was created to communicate the organization’s shift in focus from strictly measuring OOH advertising inventory like billboards, transit advertising, and bus shelters, to measuring and analyzing audience location, and how consumers engage with OOH advertising as they move throughout their day.

The shift from inventory to audience provides much deeper consumer insights, better alignment with other media measurement, and a more granular understanding of the impact and effectiveness of OOH advertising. A new tagline was also created to highlight these key benefits–Powering a smarter OOH.

The Geopath brand was also developed to give the organization a fresh start and to make the brand more relevant and contemporary among today’s data-driven advertising and media professionals. The strategic brand consultant Rafkin & Company did the naming, strategy, and brand identity and design.

The work was overseen by a TAB Brand Council, including David Krupp, CEO of Kinetic Worldwide, Andrea MacDonald, President of MacDonald Media, Matt Leible, EVP and CMO of Billups, Dan Levi, EVP and CMO of Clear Channel Outdoor, Jennifer Seickel, President of OOH Pitch, Jeff Tan, VP Strategy of Posterscope USA, Jodi Senese, EVP and CMO of OUTFRONT Media, Larry Hennessy, SVP Member Services of the TAB, and Kym Frank, President of the TAB.

“We are so proud of our new brand Geopath,” said brand council member David Krupp, CEO North America of Kinetic Worldwide, a global media agency specializing in connecting and activating audiences on the move. “The name clearly articulates what the organization is about, and how it will power a smarter and more integrated out of home marketplace.”

Kym Frank, President of the TAB, said “How often do you get the chance for a do-over? We are no longer an old school, billboard ratings bureau, so why should our brand sound like one? We thought long and hard about our role in the cross-platform media ecosystem, and what we wanted to stand for. Geopath is the perfect brand expression of our new vision.”


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