Study Shows Consumers Need More Education on NFC Technology

Study Shows Consumers Need More Education on Near Field Communication (NFC) TechnologyClear Channel and Posterscope Shed Light on Consumers’ Use of NFC and Advertising Messages

UNITED KINGDOMClear Channel and Posterscope have announced a new research study that examines how consumers are interacting with Near-Field Communication (NFC) in context to out-of-home media.

The study, conducted in Feb 2012 in the United Kingdom and USA, consisted of almost 1,000 online interviews with smartphone owners who had used at least one of the following seven technologies on their devices: Quick Reader (QR) codes, mobile Bluetooth, barcode scanner, Augmented Reality, visual search, NFC, and mobile payments. Half of the respondents had indicated that they had used at least one of the technologies to interact directly with an advertising message.

Some of the key findings were:

  • The general public need to be educated on the technology. The research demonstrated that 60% of smartphone owners were unsure whether their phones were NFC enabled or not. However, awareness of NFC technology itself was higher.
  • When NFC was demonstrated, the number of respondents’ who stated that the importance of having NFC functionality on their next phone doubled from 36% to 70%.
  • 54% of respondents stated that using NFC technology to interact with posters would be useful.
  • The top reasons given for interaction with NFC-enabled posters were downloading coupons and special offers, getting local information, easy access to web content, and price comparisons.
  • 57% of respondents’ stated that if they saw an out-of-home advertisement that interested them, they would be likely to use NFC for purchasing.  This applied to multiple product categories.

“There have been lots of forecasts and research around the proliferation of NFC-enabled phones but very little regarding consumer adoption and what might motivate them to use NFC,” said James Davies, Chief Strategy Officer, Posterscope. “This study shows that once the benefits of NFC are clearly explained, there is an appetite from consumers to interact with NFC enabled posters to connect, share, download and even buy using this technology”

NFC Enabled Smartphone“We were delighted to work with Posterscope on this joint research to get to the core of what consumers think of NFC,” said Emma Newman, Director of Marketing, Clear Channel. “What is clear is that although NFC has broad awareness, consumers are seeking more detailed guidance on its potential. This research gives us great insight into where consumers stand currently hence enabling us help clients and brands to address consumer needs.”

The research was conducted by Dipsticks Research in the UK and uSamp in the USA, with a total sample size of 992 adults aged 16+ split UK (550), USA (442).

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