Study Finds Smartphone Users Launch Social Networking Apps on Average 18 Times Daily

Study Finds Smartphone Users Launch Social Networking Apps On Average 18 Times Daily

Research Connects Smartphone Behavior with Brand and Media Preferences

NEW YORK, NY — A new research initiative links smartphone behavior with detailed insights on consumer brand preferences, multi-platform media consumption, demographics and attitudes. Employing a passive mobile metering technology, Experian Simmons, part of Experian Marketing Services, measured key mobile phone behaviors from a subset of respondents to its flagship National Consumer Study (NCS), a large, nationally syndicated survey. The pilot test was designed to combine rich mobile phone data — such as application use, Website visitation, text messaging, geographic location and more — collected from a passive mobile monitoring device with the large-scale inventory of variables available in the NCS.

“This innovative research lays the necessary groundwork for what promises to be a source of unrivaled insights that marketers need as mobile increasingly migrates toward becoming consumers’ primary source of information, communication and even entertainment,” said Ken Wollenberg, general manager of Experian Simmons. “Experian Simmons maintains a core commitment to continue our aggressive pursuit of market products and services that bring together rich mobile data with our trusted syndicated consumer research.”

From the pilot test, Experian Simmons found:

  • The top types of mobile applications by reach are voice, messaging, Web browser, email and social networking
  • Social networking applications were launched on average almost 18 times per day and used an average of 33.6 minutes per day
  • Use of news and information mobile applications spike between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.
  • The average mobile Web browser session of a heavy magazine user lasts twice as long as that of a light magazine user

Experian Simmons, in conjunction with advertising agency UM, will be presenting more detailed findings from the mobile pilot test at the Print and Digital Research Forum in San Francisco on Oct. 13. Copies of the report Unique Learnings in Creating a 360 View of Mobile Consumers will be made available upon request after the formal presentation.

Study Finds Smartphone Users Launch Social Networking Apps On Average 18 Times Daily“The preliminary work conducted by Simmons is absolutely necessary for establishing a solid foundation upon which to build a vast database blending passive, transactional mobile metering with self-reported brand, media and psychographic measures,” said Karen Ring, vice president of research, UM. “This is exactly the type of information that is in high demand among advertising professionals looking for greater granularity in mobile app metrics.”

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