Out-of-Home Media Connects with Consumers Near Point of Purchase

Out-of-Home Media Connects with Consumers Near Point of Purchase

Study Finds Out-of-Home Media Exceeds All Other Media for Reach and Consumer Activity

SAN DIEGO, CA — Out-of-home (OOH) advertising intercepts consumers near the point of purchase better than any other advertising medium, according to a new study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of American (OAAA). The study, conducted by RealityMine using USA TouchPoints, also revealed out-of-home media is the ideal ad medium to reach consumers as they engage with mobile devices.

“This deep, multidimensional study offers multiple proof points to support the value of OOH,” said Stephen Freitas, OAAA chief marketing officer. “With the help of smartphones, we can demonstrate how OOH can intercept consumers who are near or at the point of purchase like no other ad medium.”

The report found that out-of-home media produces the best combination of reach and consumer activity of all media. Consumers reported action responses – purchases, online searches, brand-related social media activity, etc. – within a half-hour of exposure to out-of-home advertising 22% of the time.

The report also determined that out-of-home media is more likely to reach consumers in the hour leading to online mobile activities – use of email, websites, and apps – than any other traditional medium. Additionally, OOH outperforms traditional media in the hour before specific mobile behaviors – online shopping, searches, and social media activity including brand interactions and check-ins – that are of interest to advertisers.

Freitas added, “In today’s marketplace, consumers are on-the-go more than ever before and rarely leave home without their trusted mobile devices. Out-of-home media’s reach, interactive capabilities, and captivating messaging move the consumer to reach for their mobile devices to learn more about a brand.”

The report also found consumers feel positive while experiencing OOH advertising, which occurs nearly 20 hours in a week – higher than all media other than TV. In 82% of out-of-home media exposures, consumers reported positive emotions, alertness, or purchase considerations within a half-hour.

“We’ve long known that out-of-home media is often the first step on the path-to-purchase. Today we’ve learned that brands can secure shopper engagement with an effective hand-off from OOH to mobile. This one-two punch has become a key success strategy for brands and retailers alike,” says Jim Spaeth, chief product officer for RealityMine. “Our research for OAAA provides media agencies and marketers alike with strong quantitative evidence showing that ad dollars spent in OOH will positively impact purchase behavior.”

More Than 33 Million Americans Use Their Mobile Phone for Shopping-Related ActivitiesThe analysis of the study was based on data from nearly 2,000 smartphone users. Data was captured via the eDiary app in half-hour increments over 10 days and tracked details such as location, mode of transport, activity, social setting, media exposure, purchase behavior, and emotional context.

Online Tools for Media Buyers and Planners

Free Online Tools for Media Buyers and Planners

The DOOH Ad Network Locator is a free online resource designed to help media buyers, planner and brand strategists identify place-based digital out-of-home advertising networks by location, venue type, demographics and reach. There are more than 160 advertising-based networks organized by country that include Australia, Canada, United States and the UK. The United States is organized by venue type as it has the broadest range of venue categories, with the greatest number of ad-based networks operating within each category.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, also known as Digital Place Based (DPB) media, utilizes strategically placed, networked digital signage displays to reach on-the-go consumers while they are outside of their home with highly targeted messages. Digital out-of-home screens can be found in locations that include transportation hubs such as airports, railway and bus terminals; executive networks in office-building lobbies and elevators. Other venues include shopping malls, gas stations, fast-casual restaurants, fitness centers, hotels and more.

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