Oakley’s Multimedia Ceiling Invites Shoppers to Explore NYC Retail Store

Oakley’s NY Flagship Store Features Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage Display

Oakley’s Suspends Signage Across Full Length of Retail Space

NEW YORK, NY — New York real estate commands premium prices, so every square foot counts when developing a new retail concept. Utilization was a big consideration with the latest retail concept just launched by Oakley, a leading a sport and lifestyle brand. Oakley has just opened a new 6,800 square foot flagship store at 560 Fifth Avenue that features a ceiling mounted multimedia installation that consists of 27 high resolution digital signage screens that are suspended across the length of the ceiling. By using a ceiling mounted installation all of the store’s valuable wall and floor space remained available for sales and merchandising.

The Oakley’s multimedia installation was developed by Moment Factory, a new media and entertainment studio specializing in the conception and production of multimedia environments. Moment Factory worked in collaboration with SITU Fabrication, a Brooklyn-based digital fabrication studio, and Fulkra, a Los Angeles-based technology integrator.

According to Moment Factory, the multimedia installation’s shifting angles and surfaces create anamorphic tricks that play with the viewer’s perception of the retail space and the decomposition of the video across the surface of the screens. The screen content is divided into four segments that run in alternating patterns and rhythms according to store hours and activity on 5th Avenue. Manhattan is a media-saturated environment, so each segment was designed to draw in customers from the city’s busy streets. Rolling transitions merge footage of Oakley’s performance athletes with complex layers that reveal over time as consumers experience the installation.

Moment Factory’s concept had to successfully fit within the existing architectural design, while also expressing the brand’s strong connection to technological innovation. The installation’s physical design took inspiration from the exterior storefront architecture – featuring large pleated metal components. The store’s long and narrow footprint also created opportunities to explore movement and create a coherent visual impact over a long distance.

The Oakley retail project follows Moment Factory’s successful participation in the launch of Oakley’s “Disruptive by Design” campaign in Los Angeles in February 2014. Through this new global marketing initiative, Oakley aimed to celebrate its legacy and culture of disruption, and set out their blueprint for future innovation.

Moment Factory was also involved with the newly renovated Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal has been under construction for more than 3 years at a cost of $737 million. In addition to expanding capacity and passenger amenities the new terminal has been outfitted with the latest in multimedia entertainment technology. The company was commissioned by Los Angeles World Airports to work in collaboration with Marcela Sardi of Sardi Design and Mike Rubin of MRA International as the content producer for seven media features at the new Terminal. The end result is one of the largest immersive multimedia system of any airport in the Americas.

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