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Ad blocking by consumers has turned into a sporting event with brands and online publishers getting bounced to the penalty box. In fact, a post by Doc Searls has called the ad blocking movement—the biggest boycott in human history, and he’s probably right. Marketing news of late has largely been centered around trust, or perhaps more accurately—the lack of it. Fraud, kickbacks, viewability along with a parade of media reviews continue to churn the space. Now the ANA has sets the dogs loose, advertising—it’s the greatest show on earth.

March 27, 2017
The Ad ContrarianOnline Advertising Is Corrupt At Its Core
AdExchangerHas Ad Tech and Mar Tech Investment Peaked?
DigidayBrand Safety Remains a Frustrating Game of Whack-A-Mole
MediaPostStudy Identifies Gaping Hole In Media-Buying Practices

March 23, 2017
The New York TimesGoogle Tries to Stop Ads From Appearing Next to Hate Speech
AdExchangerWhere Consultancies Play in the Media-Buying Space
DigidayPwC Wants In on the Agency Business, But Not Media Buying
Doc Searls WeblogBrands Need to Fire Adtech

March 22, 2017
The Wall Street JournalHonda Dropped Ad-Buying Agency After Loss of Trust
AdExchangerGoogle Adds More Brand Safety Controls After UK Brands Pull Spend
DigidayConfessions of a Finance-Company CMO: ‘Social Is a Fraud’

March 20, 2017
The Motley FoolMarketers Have 3 Big Problems with Snapchat
DigidayFinancial Times Sales Chief on Ad Fraud: ‘There is No Collective Will’
KineticMajor Takeaways from Mobile World Congress for Marketers

March 16, 2017
Tech DecisionsShould You Be Using Out-of-Home Analytics?
AdExchangerAI And The Agency: Havas Media Trains Its New Brain
DigidayMore Programmatic Buyers Are Shunning Breitbart

March 15, 2017
Mediatel NewslineTrust, Transparency and the Future of Media Research
AdAgeWho’s to Blame for the Current Ad Tech Trust Gap?

March 14, 2017
The Ad ContrarianAdtech’s Massive Failure
AdExchangerFacebook Slowly Embraces MRC, Agrees to Independent Audit
DigiDayToo Many Vested Interests Here: Viewability Concerns Plague Agencies

March 13, 2017
AdweekAgencies Are Building Out Their Own Consultancies to Compete for Digital Dollars
The Ad ContrarianAnother Decade, Another Miracle
OAAAOut-of-Home Ad Revenue Reaches Historic High in 2016

March 8, 2017
DigidayMedia Buyers’ Biggest Issue with Private Marketplaces
The DrumFacebook Quietly Announces Its Intention to Share Up Digital Marketing
MediaPost‘Significant Acceleration’ of In-House Media-Buying, Analyst Cites Programmatic

March 7, 2017
The Ad ContrarianAd Industry Lost at Sea
DigidayInside Accenture’s Plans for Agency Dominance

March 2, 2017
The National Law ReviewFrance Adapts its Rules on Media Buying to Digital Media
The Drum –  Why Greater Competition is More Likely Than Acquisition for Media Agencies

March 1, 2017
eMarketerSpecialists, Agencies in UK Disagree on DOOH Transparency
Huffington PostMedia Planning in the Age of the Filter Bubble
MediaPostReport: Most Advertisers See Media as ‘Complex Headache’
DigidayThe Rise of the Digital Advertising Truther

February 28, 2017
McKinseyThe New Battleground for Marketing-Led Growth
eMarketerGetting in Front of the Right Audience: Worthwhile—and Costly
RecodeThe Future Belongs to Media and Tech Companies That Can Harness 5G

February 27, 2017
AdExchangerTraffic Arbitrage is Out of Control
MediaPostWhy Are Marketers Losing Confidence in Their Ability to Do Their Jobs?
CampaignAlmost One-Third of Programmatic Ads Violate IAB Guidelines
Mediatel NewslineDigital Skepticism ‘Reaching Fever Pitch’
Commercial IntegratorHow Digital Signage Can Activate Smart Cities

February 24, 2017
MediaPostMarketer Confidence Rises Overall, But Falls on Key Objectives
AdExchangerThe Fates of VR, AR and Digital Marketing are Intertwined
AdweekThe iPad Might Not Have Changed the World, but It Could Save Retail

February 23, 2017
Marketing Week90% of Advertisers Looking to Change How They Buy Programmatic Ads
CampaignCan Programmatic Trading Revolutionize Out-of-Home?

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MediaPostMarketers Still Spending Wildly on Social But Only 11.9% Can Prove ROI
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Huffington PostThe Line Between Media and Brands Is Blurring Fast
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AdAgeFacebook ‘Amazed’ by Volume of Valueless Inventory
The Ad ContrarianFacebook “Amazed” By Crap They’ve Been Selling
DigiDayConfessions of a Programmatic Vet: ‘It’s Such a Mess Right Now.’
CMOCMO Tenure: Slip, Slidin’ Away?
AdweekWhy So Many People Leave Advertising
The AtlanticGuerrilla Marketing: How Cubans Work Around a National Ban on Advertising
MediaPostGarfield: Fairy Dust
Huffington PostWhy Cross-Fertilization is Critical to Media Owners
CMO – ‘Always-Connected’ Consumers Hard to Measure, Monetize
Digiday – ‘Hiding a Turd’: A Look Inside the Murky World of Agency Trading Desks
Media Life MagazineComing, The Collapse of Radio’s iHeartMedia
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MediaPostThe End of Advertising, As We Know It
The New York TimesYahoo and the Online Universe According to Verizon
AdAgeEngagement Is a B.S. Metric and Your Ad Agency Knows It
AdExchangerDeclining Agency Fees and Dubious Profits: Symptoms of a Broken Business Model?
Marketing WeekUndervalued or Promiscuous? CMO Turnover Reaches Its Highest Ever Level
ForbesNew Digital Billboards Can Watch Your Speed, Scan Your Car At Traffic Lights
LinkedInA Tough Time for Ad Agency Positioning
ForbesA Detailed Look at How the Media Planning Landscape is Changing
The New York TimesLook Up: In the Digital Age, Billboards Are Far From Dead
MediaPostOOH on Path to Programmatic, But False Claims Could Derail Progress
Collaborative FundWhat A Time to Be Alive
Scientific AmericanWhere Creativity Comes From
SlateThe Death of the Telephone Call
New York MagazineAndrew Sullivan: My Distraction Sickness — and Yours
CampaignBlackwood Seven’s AI Media Agency is Provoking Fear Across Big Networks
The Ad ContrarianEveryone Disgusted With Ad Industry
New RepublicThe Perils of Peak Attention
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