New DOOH Advertising Network Coming to 30 U.S. Shopping Malls


New DOOH Advertising Network Coming to 30 U.S. Malls

Visionstate to Install 90 Interactive Way-finding Kiosks at Shopping Malls Across the United States

EDMONTON, CANADAVisionstate has entered into an agreement with McGavren Guild Malls (MGM) to market and sell DOOH advertising across a network of 90 interactive way-finding Kiosks. The 90 installed units will have a total of 180 DOOH advertising screens reaching an estimated 270 million shoppers in a given year.

Visionstate will install and own the network consisting of 90 Vicci Interactive way-finding kiosks in 30 large shopping malls in the United States. According to Visionstate, revenue derived from the network will be shared between the parties. Visionstate will receive an on-going software licensing and service fee as well as revenue from DOOH advertising.

According to Green Street Advisors, Class A shopping malls, featuring department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Apple are now posting annual sales of up to US$5,000 a square foot. And household assets of shoppers at Class A and Class B mall have jumped from about US$22 trillion in 2010 to US$35 trillion in 2014.

Visionstate’s collaboration with MGM is an important milestone in achieving the company’s long-range objectives. Visionstate is aggressively installing interactive networks in shopping centers throughout the US.

“McGavren Guild Malls is known for its strength and contacts in the media sales industry,” states Visionstate President and CEO, John Putters. “Their expertise will be a tremendous benefit to this project. We are eager to see this network of kiosks reach its full potential. Our strategy is to partner with the leaders in each advertising discipline.”

Putters partnered with MGM because of its expertise in the mall space, and its focus on a new media – which is taking market share from traditional mall advertisers. Visionstate will take a percentage of all DOOH advertising dollars going through the network.

“These are not just interactive directories,” said Putters, “They are multimedia hubs. We are remotely delivering visual content to mall customers.”

The next piece of the puzzle for Visionstate is proximity marketing. The company is talking to leading potential partners now.

Proximity marketing is an important part of our strategy going forward, according to Putters, “The way that works is that you walk into a shopping center, the installed unit pings the customers’ phone and the end user has the ability to download surgically targeted coupons.”

Visionstate’s technology allows advertisers to collect demographic information so that products can be advertised and sold more efficiently.

Putters believes it is important that Visionstate owns the network hardware. The digital out-of-home advertising market is starting to mature. Visionstate has made a strategic decision to drive revenues from license and service fees, as well as well as digital, mobile and proximity marketing.

“Another new technology, which we are positioned to exploit, is Infrared Traffic Detection,” explained Putters, “It is extremely valuable for digital out-of-home advertisers to know the traffic that is passing by an ad screen.”

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