MediaCom to Measure Emotion to Gauge Audience Receptivity

MediaCom to Measure Emotion to Gauge Audience Receptivity

MediaCom Partners with Realeyes to Integrate Emotion Measurement Platform Into Creative and Planning Process

NEW YORK, NY —  MediaCom has announced a partnership with Realeyes to incorporate emotion measurement technology into its content testing and media planning for clients. According to MediaCom, the partnership will enable the company to better assess the emotional power of video content it makes with partners or creates in-house to ensure that client messages are as engaging as possible and delivered to the most receptive audience segments.

MediaCom will integrate the Realeyes platform into its central content hub to provide producers and planners with the ability to include emotion analytics into their analysis and recommendations. They will also be able to benchmark content against previous campaigns in their own market and other countries around the world.

MediaCom’s announcement follows on a report from a couple of year ago by The Centre for Future Studies, a UK-based consulting firm, which predicted that “Glad-vertising” would begin to be employed by marketers as emotion recognition software becomes more mainstream.

“Incorporating Realeyes’ technology enables us to take a smarter data-driven approach to creativity and planning, ensuring that our clients are building the most engaging branding experiences,” said Palle Finderup Diederichsen, Head of EMEA at MediaCom Beyond Advertising. “Tools such as Realeyes allow us to get behavioral information upfront, so we can optimize and measure content before launch. This enables us to deliver more effective video and more efficient distribution, making the message more impactful and delivering increased business advantage for our clients.”

Founded at Oxford University, Realeyes’ emotion measurement technology enables marketers to make better decisions across the three key stages of video advertising – testing the creative, planning media spend and analyzing the performance.

“MediaÇom fully understands the central role of content in successful marketing but was looking for a quick and economical way to assess which content strikes the right chords with the right audiences,” said Mihkel Jäätma, Realeyes’ CEO. “Emotion analytics provides quicker and deeper intelligence than traditional methods and, as it scales easily across global markets and cultures, it makes it easy to roll out centrally – even within large and sophisticated organizations such as MediaCom.”


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