High-Tech Jewelry Cases Showcase Chopard’s Products

Chopard's flagship Manhattan store displays uses custom built rotating LCD systems

Synchronizing AV Technology and Product Display, Chopard’s Flagship Store Features Custom Rotating Jewelry Cases

NEW YORK, NY — AV technology is at the center of Chopard’s flagship Manhattan store at Madison Avenue and 63rd Street. Chopard, one of the world’s most prestigious designers and manufacturers of luxury timepieces, jewelry, and accessories, worked with McCann Systems, an New Jersey-based AV integrator to build a state-of-the-art, custom window display system for their quality products.

To accomplish this, McCann Systems used six 42″ LCD’s in portrait mode, four rotating displays were setup in the Madison Avenue window and spaced to fill an 80′ length. Two additional display systems were placed on the 63rd Street window side. Each LCD screen included a jewelry case on the opposite side that was designed to hold Chopard’s products. The entire unit rotates 180 degrees, so whether a customer is in the store or passing on the street they will see either an actual Chopard product, or a multimedia presentation of company products and promotional images.

High-Tech Jewelry Cases Showcase AV Technology and Chopard's ProductsOne of McCann’s challenges was to closely coordinate the fabrication of the cases with the mill workers to assure that the rotating jewelry cases and LCDs were flawlessly installed, and have them spin freely and work smoothly. The screens content is driven using a Dataton Watchout production system. Watchout is a versitle compositing tool that uses standard Microsoft formats and provides Chopard with the ability to display different media on each LCD, or to create a single palette of synchronized video images capable of moving from screen-to-screen. Each of the six screens are driven by a media player.

Synchronizing AV Technology and Product Display, Chopard's Custom Rotating Jewelry Cases Show State-of-the-Art In-Store FixturesScreen content is scheduled using a Crestron control system with a touchscreen interface. It can schedule different shows for each screen, or produce a synchronized, six screen presentation. Using a familiar timeline interface, Chopard is able to customize the show and schedules to meet different promotional time frames and traffic flows.

The Crestron touch panel also provides audio control displaying all song titles, track numbers and scheduling information. This allows users to choose audio from any available source including DVD or IPod. The audio system uses JBL speakers throughout both levels of the store.

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