GSTV Adds Cross-Screen Retargeting with SITO Mobile Partnership

GSTV Adds Cross-Screen Re-Targeting with SITO Mobile Partnership

Cross-Screen Retargeting Bolsters GSTV Engagement with Nearly 60 Million Monthly Viewers

JERSEY CITY, NJSITO Mobile and Gas Station TV (GSTV) have entered into a partnership that will enable advertisers to extend campaign reach using cross-screen retargeting.

According to SITO, the partnership will leverage the company’s mobile location-based platform to create an integrated dual-screen media model to identify and re-target consumers and measure cross-screen re-targeting effectiveness. The combined platform re-targets customers that are initially viewing GSTV at gas pumps with relevant location-based ads on their mobile devices, and follows future user behavior for measurement, attribution and retargeting.

The first cross-screen campaign combining GSTV’s digital out-of-home screen platform and SITO Mobile’s retargeting and verification, was developed for a large multi-national consumer products company. The campaign’s goal was to generate awareness of its products’ benefits and drive consumers to its website. Using geo-fences in proximity to GSTV enabled pumps, the campaign delivered display ads to GSTV viewers’ mobile devices while they were at the station and then retargeted those viewers after leaving the pump. Pairing SITO Mobile’s mobile advertising technology with GSTV’s screens led to a click-through rate 25% higher than the mobile industry average.

“Marketers are seeking high value, mobility networks outside of traditional media methods to help them deliver effective messaging in an innovative way,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV, “and that is exactly what our partnership with SITO Mobile delivers. This strategic media approach leverages the proximity of our network with the mobility of our viewers in a concentrated effort to extend engagement at and beyond the pump, further enhancing ROI for our advertisers. The results from our first campaign together are a testament to the increased effectiveness of mobile when paired with video at the pump, and we are excited to offer this innovative platform to all of our advertisers moving forward.”

Research from Experian Consumer Insights reveals that gas station media is recalled more than any other form of digital out-of-home advertising. The same study also reported that consumers are 3 times more attentive to gas station advertising than to elevator media, and 6 times more attentive than to ads in taxis. Another study by NeuroInsight found that consumers primed by digital out-of-home screens were 48% more likely to respond to linked mobile ad campaigns than those primed by traditional television.

“We are thrilled that GSTV selected SITO Mobile as their partner to power their cross-screen retargeting efforts,” said Jerry Hug, CEO, SITO Mobile. “GSTV is a dynamic brand that dominates its market category – bringing targeted ads to consumers at the pump. They bring numerous customer relationships to SITO Mobile’s platform. With this new partnership, GSTV’s installed base of advertisers will leverage SITO’s location-based services, delivering ads across mobile devices and extending brand recognition. We look forward to growing this untapped channel by unlocking value for our new partner and their clients.”

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