DOOH Campaign Uses Dynamic Data To Help Travelers Make Connections

DOOH Campaign Uses Dynamic Data To Help Air Travelers Make Connections

Live Data Transforms Digital Out-of-Home Screens Into Real-time Marketing Platform

UNITED KINGDOM — A new DOOH campaign by First TransPennine Express is helping air travelers to make train connections by posting live train times on digital out-of-home screens at Manchester Airport. First TransPennine Express provides transportation along three main routes across the north of England with more than 330 trains a day stopping in major cities that include Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow.

The DOOH campaign “Bags of Trains to Loads of Destinations” features colorful brand characters, was developed with Eye Airports, a UK airport advertising specialist, and ADXBA, a digital solutions provider. First TransPennine’s campaign can be seen on Eye Airports’ light boxes and digital out-of-home advertising network as passengers walk from their flight to baggage claim areas. The campaign reminds travelers that First TransPennine Express is quicker and more cost-effective way to get to and from the airport than using cars or taxis services.

“Taking the train from Manchester Airport is a quick, convenient and relaxing way to complete your journey using our regular and comfortable services to destinations across the North West, Yorkshire and Scotland,” said Caroline Anchor, Head of Marketing at First TransPennine Express. “We aim to find ways to make travel easier for our customers and we are pleased to do this by providing travelers at Manchester Airport with useful and timely information.”

Once at baggage claim, ADXBA’s live data feed enables arriving passengers to view their next train to a wide range of destinations. The digital out-of-home screens provide passengers with up-to-the-minute information from a UK national rail database. The program has been designed to allow enough time for passengers to walk to the station and catch the next train after collecting their bags. The campaign also prompts passengers to save time by downloading First TransPennine Express’ mobile app to buy tickets and check train times from their mobile device while waiting for their bags.

“Our exclusive Unity platform is able to access the very latest information from the national rail database and distribute that information on to our screens at Manchester Airport, marrying the data with First TransPennine Express’ animated graphics,” said Jim Kerr, Managing Director at ADXBA.

Live Data Transforms Digital Out-of-Home Screens Into Real-time Marketing Platform

The use of live data feeds in digital out-of-home advertising campaigns has increased over the last year as the technology provides greater campaign relevance, transforming DOOH networks into a real-time marketing platforms. Last April, Eye Airports teamed up with The Weather Network, the UK’s local weather provider, to provide real-time weather information at airport locations across the UK. Travelers are able to see up-to-the-minute local and international weather forecasts on digital out-of-home screens across Eye’s network including Manchester, London Gatwick, and London Stansted Airports.

“This is another great example of outdoor media and technology working seamlessly. TransPennine Express is now able to access to a valuable and diverse audience of potential rail users at Manchester who are in a receptive mindset to take on the information,” said Ged Weston, Sales Director at Eye Airports.

Mobile Devices Help Consumers Research Travel and Make ReservationsAccording to Eye Airports, their national network reaches more than 100 million passengers a year. More than 38 million passengers traveled through Gatwick Airport in 2014. Stansted Airport served more than 20 million travelers over the last 12 months ending February 2015. And Manchester is now the largest airport outside London with more than 22 million annual passengers, making it the UK’s third busiest airport and is on track to break its record of 22.42m before the start of the busy summer season.

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