DOOH Advertising To Eclipse All Other Media Channels

DOOH Advertising To Eclipse All Other Media Channels

Media Executives Predict DOOH Advertising to Grow Faster Than Mobile and Video On Demand

UNITED KINGDOM —  Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising will grow faster than mobile and Video On Demand (VOD) over the next five years, according to a just released perception study of media professionals by Ocean Group. The study polled 204 executives from both media agencies and outdoor specialists to gauge the role, prospects and challenges for DOOH advertising in the current media landscape.

More than 86% of study respondents identified DOOH advertising as having the biggest growth potential over the next five years, putting the medium ahead of mobile (67.2%), Video on Demand (60.8%) and every other media channel. DOOH advertising also scored higher than any other media channel for offering dynamic (83%), exciting (69%), modern (82%), and versatile (67%) advertising environments.

Emotional Index: DOOH Advertising vs Other Media Channels

Exciting 69% 29% 17% 37% 40%
Glamorous 42% 2% 2% 4% 45%
Passive 16% 10% 9% 7% 34%
Modern 82% 69% 68% 63% 18%
Versatile 67% 53% 37% 61% 19%
Sophisticated 55% 31% 27% 43% 25%
Reliable 20% 8% 9% 9% 74%
Powerful 56% 8% 5% 9% 80%
Inspiring 52% 11% 12% 18% 50%
Dynamic 83% 62% 50% 67% 23%

Radio, Cinema, Magazine, Print and Traditional Out-of-Home channels were also included. Radio was though to be the most passive channel (54%), and Cinema was the most Glamorous (56%). Magazines were also considered Glamorous (49%), and Traditional Out-of-Home advertising was Powerful (57%).

“The emotional index in our study shows how far digital out-of-home advertising has moved from the being a standard, passive medium to a channel which is modern, exciting and sophisticated, driving mobile and online,” said Richard Malton, Ocean Marketing Group Director. “This shift in positioning is driven by technology like audience recognition, wifi and broadcast capability, which allows us to introduce even better targeting, interactions, creativity and results. The introduction of new trading models is also driving flexibility and value as never before.”

Additional findings include:

  • DOOH advertising is consider the Number 1 medium and is predicted to have the biggest growth over the next 5 years
  • DOOH advertising is perceived as a tech-driven medium, closely aligned with online and mobile. It’s also described as the most innovative, creative and flexible medium in the market.
  • DOOH Advertising is more sophisticated, exciting and inspiring, according to survey respondents and they differentiated DOOH from other competitive media channels
  • Cost and flexibility were highlighted by survey respondents as issues that still needed to be addressed

“DOOH advertising needs to educate and prove to the industry it is audience, content and cost driven,” said Malton. “Automated planning and trading environments like Signature’s The Loop is a significant step towards achieving the necessary transparency and flexibility.”

Ocean Group, which includes Signature Outdoor, currently operates 64 screens and displays across 38 locations in 10 cities.

Photo courtesy: Ocean Outdoor

Online Tools for Media Buyers and Planners

Free Online Tools for Media Buyers and Planners

The DOOH Ad Network Locator is a free online resource designed to help media buyers, planner and brand strategists identify place-based digital out-of-home advertising networks by location, venue type, demographics and reach. There are more than 160 advertising-based networks organized by country that include Australia, Canada, United States and the UK. The United States is organized by venue type as it has the broadest range of venue categories, with the greatest number of ad-based networks operating within each category.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, also known as Digital Place Based (DPB) media, utilizes strategically placed, networked digital signage displays to reach on-the-go consumers while they are outside of their home with highly targeted messages. Digital out-of-home screens can be found in locations that include transportation hubs such as airports, railway and bus terminals; executive networks in office-building lobbies and elevators. Other venues include shopping malls, gas stations, fast-casual restaurants, fitness centers, hotels and more.

DOOH Ad Network Locator and Media Kits


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