Despicable Me 2 Reaches Fans Using Interactive DOOH Campaign

Despicable Me 2 Reaches Fans Using Interactive Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Campaign

Despicable Me 2’s Advertising Campaign Reaches More Than 10 Million Shoppers Combining DOOH, Mobile Interaction, Personalization, and Social Sharing

UNITED KINGDOM — Fans of Despicable Me can be entertained once again by Gru’s mischievous Minions thanks to a new digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising campaign running in shopping malls across Europe. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the just released Despicable Me 2 grossed more than $15.2 million in its opening box office in the UK and has become Universal Pictures’ top opening of all time, and the No. 1 opening of 2013 so far.

Despicable Me 2’s digital out-of-home campaign marks several first for the advertising medium in Europe. The campaign is one of the largest DOOH campaigns to date appearing in 5 European territories that include the UK, France, Spain, Norway and Finland. The DOOH campaign is running exclusively on Clear Channel’s digital screen network in shopping malls reaching more than 10 million shoppers using a total of 259 digital signage screens across 51 locations. The interactive experience is supported by additional static and digital formats in close proximity to participating shopping malls.

In another first, the campaign invites viewers to control the on-screen action, personalize the message, and share the content with their friends using their smartphones. The campaign’s creative features an animation of Gru’s mischievous Minions tapping their feet impatiently on-screen with a call-to-action prompting shoppers to text a command using their smartphone to direct the characters to dance, wrestle, play, build or boogie. Users can text any command along with their name using a short-code, and seconds later the Minions act out their instructions accordingly ending with an on-screen thanks to the named participant.

Despicable Me 2 DOOH Advertising Campaign Reaches More Than 10 Million Shoppers Combining Mobile Interaction, Personalization, and Social Sharing

The interactive campaign was conceived by Clear Channel, planned and coordinated by TED@MediaCom and powered by a mobile app designed and built by Grand Visual. The creative technology solution links input using SMS or via the Web app to prompt more than 30 animated sequences that make up the interactive experience.

Driving the backend is OpenLoop, Grand Visual’s digital out-of-home campaign management system that enables real-time interaction and personalizes the copy and on-screen content for each in a mall location. The campaign also uses geo-location to target content to specific mall locations. In another media first, users are also rewarded with a text that links them to a copy of their personalized Despicable Me 2 Minion film that they can share socially online.

“From the outset we wanted to challenge convention by taking a traditional medium and turning it into an engagement hotspot for kids, parents and the whole public to have fun with the Minions from this summer’s event Animation movie Despicable Me 2,” said Neil Wirasinha, Vice President International Advertising, at Universal Pictures International. “To pull off a media and technological feat on this scale required a huge amount of collaboration from all the parties involved. Technology is at the heart of the campaign and has enabled us to reach and engage users across digital outdoor, mobile, and online and we’re delighted to be taking the Minions mayhem to new places.”

“This kind of creative execution shows the potential multimedia campaigns have when using digital out-of-home to engage, stimulate, and interact with audiences via mobile devices,” said David Roddick, Clear Channel International’s Sales Director.  “It captures the personality of the minions and brings the movie’s character to life for cinema-goers of all ages, communicating a compelling message about how much fun the Despicable Me franchise is. We’re proud that Clear Channel was able to devise the concept and work alongside Grand Visual, Group M and NBC Universal to deliver for an international audience in five countries.”

More Than 33 Million Americans Use Their Mobile Phone for Shopping-Related ActivitiesThe outdoor campaign is fully integrated with Universal Pictures’ social and online channels and an online version of the game replicates the experience at

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