Clear Channel to Rollout Digital OOH Network at Minneapolis Airport

Clear Channel Airports to Rollout Digital OOH Network at Minneapolis Airport

Terminal-Wide Digital Out-of-Home Network Will Reach 36 Million Passengers Annually

MINNEAPOLIS, MN —  Clear Channel Airports (CCA) has signed a 10-year partnership with the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) for the advertising concession at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). CCA becomes the first media company in over 13 years to offer a singular, comprehensive advertising platform enveloping the entirety of MSP’s Terminals 1 and 2, reaching all 36 million passengers who pass through the airport annually. The new contract begins July 1, 2016.

The agreement makes Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, CCA’s parent company, the leading out-of-home media provider in the Twin Cities with 53 roadside digital billboards across the region including recently built digital signage on airport property at MSP. The enhanced advertising program implemented by CCA at MSP will include state-of-the-art digital assets including terminal-wide digital out-of-home network and additional inventory across all concourses visible to travelers. Media agencies, such as Minneapolis-based Periscope, which specialize in helping brands navigate the airport advertising landscape, lauded the new deal for streamlining all MSP advertising planning and buying under one roof.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is the 16th busiest airport in North America and the second-largest hub airport for Delta Air Lines. An estimated 45 percent of passengers connect through MSP to other flights, while 55 percent consider the airport as their originating or destination point. The Twin Cities is also home to numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as host to major events, including the 2018 Super Bowl and 2019 NCAA Final Four. According to CAA, they will be able to offer innovative advertising opportunities to major brands and reach a wide array of consumers ranging from leisure travelers to C-suite executives to sophisticated sports fans.

A recent Nielsen study shows that nearly 60 percent of business and leisure travelers believe that advertising in airports is an indicator of high-quality brands and products, and more than three-quarters of leisure and business travelers say they notice airport digital ads, with over one-third of travelers surveyed confirming they’ve visited a website or used an app to find out more about a product or service they saw advertised inside an airport.

Clear Channel Airports advertising program at MSP will feature:

  • A large format LED  Network: Visible to nearly all arriving passengers,  double-sided LED video walls will be part of a terminal-wide digital out-of-home network offering a rich media experience
  • Large Format Tension Fabric Displays: These low-energy LED lit displays offer large format and prominent positioning throughout all concourses and both terminals
  • Flight Information Display (FIDS) Tension Fabric Displays: Vibrant  signage integrated into the flight information displays throughout the airport offers a highly visible and comprehensive network of displays
  • Illuminated Spectacular Displays and Tension Fabric Displays: Large, low-energy LED lit displays offer stand-out, highly visible placement in high traffic and/or long dwell time areas of both terminals

Mobile Devices Help Consumers Research Travel and Make Reservations“We are pleased to welcome Clear Channel Airports as our airport advertising partner,” said Dennis Probst, Chief Operating Officer, Metropolitan Airports Commission. “Airports like Minneapolis-St. Paul International represent a great opportunity for companies to present their brands to tens of millions of travelers each year. When done well, advertising can also enhance the ambiance of the facility, providing color and interests to people using the facility.”

“As people are traveling more, and spending more time in airports the media environment inside has never been more important to Periscope. Our home airport, MSP, has always been more difficult to plan and buy because of the vendor split between concourses. It’s fantastic news that MSP has decided to work with Clear Channel Airports. Clear Channel Airports has always been innovative and forward thinking, and we look forward to working with them,” said Brian Keiser, Senior Media Account Supervisor, Periscope.

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