Clear Channel Maps Mobile Location Data to Out-of-Home Assets

Clear Channel Maps Mobile Location Data to Out-of-Home Assets

RADAR Maps Consumer Behaviors, Habits and Travel Patterns Against Specific Clear Channel Outdoor Locations

NEW YORK, NYClear Channel Outdoor has launched a suite of research, data and analytics tools, known as RADAR, to help advertisers and agencies plan and buy out-of-home advertising campaigns more effectively. According to Clear Channel Outdoor, RADAR gives marketers the ability to use the same kinds of audience segmentation, targeting, and insights they already use in their digital campaigns, a long-sought goal of the OOH industry.

RADAR aggregates anonymous mobile consumer information from several third-party providers that include AT&T Data Patterns, Placed, and PlaceIQ. Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR overlays this data against the company’s U.S. inventory to create a comprehensive map of how specific audience segments are most effectively and efficiently reached via Clear Channel Outdoor’s advertising assets.

“Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR is truly a next generation advertising solution, giving marketers an end-to-end solution that provides a more accurate way to understand and target specific audience segments, while maximizing the impact of their Clear Channel OOH media campaigns,” said Andy Stevens, SVP, Research & Insights, CCOA. “Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR heralds a shift in how brands plan and buy OOH – from buying physical locations to buying precisely targeted audience segments in ways that are easily integrated into a brand’s mobile media strategy.”

“Not only can buyers ‘smart target’ audience segments, but we can demonstrate actual OOH contributions to solve clients’ business challenges through attribution,” said Jill Nickerson, SVP, OOH, Horizon Media. “Clear Channel Outdoor Americas has made a valuable contribution that is game-changing for our business. We are able to show ‘of the target exposed, who took action’ quantifying plans at an enhanced data level to better measure the impact of our campaigns.”

For instance, TOMS Shoes recently tapped RADAR to measure the impact of its OOH campaigns, by way of geo-fenced billboards and secure mobile location data. RADAR provided TOMS with specific measurement analytics including awareness, consumption, ad recall and brand engagement. Placed provided aggregated, anonymous data that indicated if consumers were talking about the brand with friends, looking it up online or finding it in stores after exposure to TOMS’ OOH advertising.

Clear Channel Maps Mobile Location Data to Out-of-Home Assets

Looking to increase awareness of its social mission and encourage consumer action among the 18 to 34 yr. old demographic, the philanthropic-minded shoe brand saw that those exposed to its Orlando campaign were 25 percent more aware of TOMS’ social mission. Further, those exposed to OOH showed a greater likelihood to engage with the brand including talking about it with friends (+122%), looking the brand up online (+43%), finding it in-store (+47%) and purchasing shoes or other products (+44%).

“Using state of the art digital measurement, Clear Channel was not only able to show that OOH ad recall was among the highest of any media channel, but also proved that the OOH drove significant increases in awareness of TOMS’ social mission, which was the primary campaign goal. For us, the supporting data reinforced the power of our creative on the outdoor canvas and helped validate our media strategy.” Jordan Glassberg, VP Business Development, TOMS.

By using mobile-derived, location-based data, Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR also gives marketers the kind of attribution analytics they need to measure the true impact of their campaign on their target consumer segments. It builds upon the Traffic Audit Bureau’s (TAB) industry-standard audience measurement currency to offer marketing partners the most sophisticated data analytics and measurement capabilities available today. Many of Clear Channel Outdoor’s providers already supply advertisers and agencies with data for their digital campaigns, facilitating the integration of the company’s data into advertisers’ existing media models.

Once campaigns have been executed, aggregated and anonymous mobile data from AT&T Data Patterns and Placed provide Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR the ability to measure the impact of campaigns on consumers once exposed to an ad. With these insights, brands working with Clear Channel Outdoor can measure a broad range of brand attributes and consumer behavior, including lift on awareness, purchase intent and observed visits to specific retail locations. By comparing data from audiences exposed to ads on Clear Channel Outdoor’s media against unexposed control groups, marketers can now fully realize the impact and ROI of out-of-home advertising.

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Free Trend Report: Why Location Is the New Currency of MarketingFinding effective ways to deliver branded messages in today’s complex media environment is one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers. Traditional methods of advertising have become less effective as consumers spend less time in places where marketers have traditionally had an advantage in reaching them. In addition, consumer attention has fragmented across multiple channels as media options and device platforms increasingly diversify.

Active consumers spend money, and while they are going about their daily routine, they are also actively looking for information. According to Google, more than 50% of all mobile searches have local intent, and 17% of search happens while consumers are on the go.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, also known as Digital Place-based (DPb) media, utilizes strategically placed, networked digital signage displays to reach on-the-go consumers while they are outside of their home with highly targeted messages. Location-based mobile and digital out-of-home media are part of a larger multiscreen ecosystem that effectively amplifies brand messages to create a deeper level of engagement with active consumers.

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  • Multiscreen Campaign Planning
  • Amplifying Reach With DOOH Media

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