Clear Channel Kicks Off Advertising Week with Ipsos Girls’ Lounge Billboard Campaign

Clear Channel Kicks Off Advertising Week with Ipsos Girls’ Lounge Billboard Campaign

Digital Billboard Campaign Reaches Ad Executives Across the US as Advertising Week Kicks Off In New York

NEW YORK, NY — Advertising Week, an annual gathering of marketing and communications professionals, kicked off yesterday in New York with a promotional twist courtesy of Clear Channel Outdoor, Advertising Week, and The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge. The event has launched a targeted digital billboard campaign designed to reach ad executives across the United States including New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco.

Clear Channel Outdoor has installed digital kiosks inside and out at the Times Center in New York, which is the hub of Advertising Week activity. The kiosks feature the event’s daily agenda, along with photos and the official #AWXI twitter feed for the show. Additionally, in partnership with The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge, CCO is also featuring tweets hash tagged #ConfidenceisBeautiful. Female executives attending Advertising Week are encouraged to take a photo at the Girls’ Lounge and to tweet their thoughts about confidence being the core of true beauty. They will pick from fifteen Confidence is Beautiful signatures and custom emoticons to accompany their “selfie” which they can share on social media, in Times Square and across the country.

Tweets and photos tagged with #AWXI and/or #ConfidenceIsBeautiful will have the opportunity to be displayed on one of Clear Channel’s spectacular digital billboards in the heart of Times Square. Spectacolor, is a brand division of Clear Channel Outdoor, is the leading provider of outdoor advertising in Times Square, is enabling the amplification of AWXI events on their display located at 1567 Broadway, adjacent to the TKTS booth and Duffy Square. Additionally, Clear Channel Outdoor has developed a special digital network targeted to decision makers at advertising agencies in top markets – Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco.

“Clear Channel Outdoor is proud to again sponsor Advertising Week in New York, and the unique campaign we have developed shows the power of outdoor advertising to spark dialogue and create memorable brand experiences,” said Rocky Sisson, Chief Revenue Officer. “The very essence of social media is to offer people the opportunity to be heard and seen. Many of our clients have delighted their customers and fans by taking their social media interactions to big screens in the real world, and we are excited to help Advertising Week and The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge extend their conversations to Times Square and in key markets nationwide.”

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