British Airways Flights Trigger Digital Signage Screen Content

British Airways Flights Trigger Digital Signage Screen Content

Storm’s Chiswick Towers Display British Airways Destination and Flight Numbers As Planes Fly Over Head

UNITED KINGDOM — Here’s a new creative twist, when British Airways planes fly over Chiswick Towers, a pair of digital signage billboards operated by Clear Channel’s Storm in the UK, the advertising message displayed on screen is automatically triggered to show real-time data of that particular plane currently flying over head. British Airway’s creative shows a child pointing up at the plane while the opposite screen displays live flight data that includes the destination and flight number. An estimated 200 British Airways planes will fly over the screens at Chiswick Towers and trigger the screens each day using sensors and data feeds to automatically replace the advertising on Storm’s state-of-the-art digital screens.

OgilvyOne worked with Storm to secure a first-of-its-kind media buy structured purely around the frequency of the air traffic. The campaign was planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope and will run until Christmas Eve. A unique weather feed will read the cloud height to ensure the plane is visible before showing the advertising. The messaging of the creative will change depending on which plane is above the Towers, with the destination of the planes influencing what content is displayed.

“British Airways and OgilvyOne have devised a truly innovative campaign that uses the inherent flexibility of Storm beautifully,” said Darren McKay, Sales Director of Storm. “Using unique technology, the Chiswick Towers will showcase fantastic creative at the exact moment a British Airways plane flies over the structure with the creative changing depending on the plane’s destination. This campaign helps digital out-of-home advertising scale new heights and will remind people just how magical flying British Airways is. This is an exciting step forward for our medium and demonstrates exactly the kind of game-changing campaign you can expect to see on Storm.”

The Chiswick Towers is located on London’s M4 approach and is part of Storm, Clear Channel UK’s portfolio of sites that offers advertisers state-of-the-art digital out-of-home screens, high quality audiences and a unique approach to trading. The portfolio will be strengthened next month with North London Towers on the North Circular at Brent Cross.

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