Bloomberg Hub Streams Financial Data and News Headlines To London Business Travelers

Bloomberg Launches High-Tech Digital Hub at London City Airport Reaching More Than 3.4 Million Passengers Annually

Bloomberg Launches High-Tech Digital Hub at London City Airport Reaching More Than 3.4 Million Passengers Annually

UNITED KINGDOM — If you happen to be traveling to London for business and passing through London City Airport (LCY) you’re in for a treat. Bloomberg has launched a new high tech digital hub aimed at business travelers that displays multiple streams of market-moving news headlines and financial information.

The Bloomberg Hub makes heavy use of digital signage through the installation. Bloomberg’s Hub features a media wall (above) with twelve, 55-inch ultra HD 4K screens which sits at the center of a lounge area that seat more than 180 travelers. The media wall delivers travel information, market-moving news, data and analysis, rankings, indices and charts as well as topical photo stories sourced from Bloomberg Media. The lounge also broadcasts Bloomberg Television along with promotional content. An Apps Bar features six tablets fully loaded with Bloomberg’s full suite of mobile apps along with 4 Bloomberg terminals for use of subscribers to the Bloomberg Professional services.

High technology has always been core to Bloomberg’s brand. Last year, Bloomberg installed an interactive multitouch table and digital signage information column at their NYC headquarters. Both displays stream real-time financial news and information providing an immersive multimedia experience for visitors. A freestanding table, also known as The Hub, consists of a 55-inch interactive multitouch display that floats above above an array of colorful light tubes that change color in response to the information displayed on table’s screen.

A media wall (below) that consists of six 4K ultra-high-definition 55-inch digital signage screens greet passengers as they approach security. The display’s content is tailored according to the time of day show both branded visual content and relevant messages. Travel-specific information including world weather and world time, configured according to daily LCY flight destinations is also included. Different types of data trigger relevant imagery and video content on the screens, determining the style and speed of motion content.

Bloomberg Hub media wall greets passengers as they pass through security at London Airport

Another unique aspect of the Bloomberg Hub is a 426 foot long media ticker, one of the longest digital display of its kind, with 23 million LEDs. The media ticker provides a dynamic stream of digital media, electronic data and visual information, split into two tickers: one in the pre-security zone, the other in the atrium beyond security.

Bloomberg Hub Streams Financial Data and News Headlines To London Business Travelers

“The Bloomberg Hub is an innovative and exciting customer experience that embodies the Bloomberg brand – a distinctive, dynamic network of information, technology and ideas. It delivers timely, valuable news and data to London City Airport’s business travelers, many of whom are our clients and prospects,” said Maureen McGuire, Chief Marketing Officer, Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg’s deal with London City Airport makes sense as more than 60% of LCY’s 3.4 million annual passengers are traveling on business. And, more than 50% of 2,000 London City Airport passengers surveyed already use a subscription-based financial data service, or work for a firm that does. Of those, 63% are also Bloomberg Professional service users.

Bloomberg's London Airport Hub includes a 426 foot long media ticker, one of the longest digital display of its kind.

“LCY has ambitious growth plans – to reach an already-permitted 120,000 flight movements a year, up from 70,000 today, and to double passenger numbers to 6 million per annum by 2023,” said Declan Collier, Chief Executive Officer, London City Airport (LCY). “61% of our passengers are traveling on business – to and from the business, financial and political centers of Canary Wharf, The City and Westminster, and they will value the information and facilities being made available to them in the Hub extremely highly. Our agreement with Bloomberg will set us apart from the other airports in and around London, cementing our position as the business traveller’s airport of choice, but we cannot stand still and will need to work together with Bloomberg on a constant basis to continue to meet the customer’s changing needs.”

“LCY’s customers are business travelers who value the things Bloomberg does best: providing accurate, relevant and timely information that helps them make better business decisions,” said Dan Doctoroff, Chief Executive Officer and President, Bloomberg L.P. “The Bloomberg Hub at LCY is a great example of this; it is our biggest brand initiative worldwide and reinforces our continued investment in London as a leading global financial center.”

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