Audio Activated DOOH Ad Campaign Promotes Lifetime Miniseries

Audio Activated DOOH Ad Campaign Promotes Lifetime Miniseries

Lifetime Television is the First US Advertiser to Use Audio to Trigger a DOOH Ad Campaign

NEW YORK, NYThe Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, a new Lifetime miniseries premiering on May 30, is reaching New Yorkers using an innovative DOOH ad campaign that references Billy Wilder’s 1955 classic movie, The Seven Year Itch. Lifetime’s digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign features an audio-triggered 15-second video of Kelli Garner, who portrays Marilyn in the miniseries, wearing a skirt that flies up in the air each time a subway train arrives and departs from a station.

Lifetime’s DOOH ad campaign is running across eight NYC subway stations that include Grand Central, Union Square, West 4th Street, 14th Street and 7th Avenue, 68th Street, 86th Street, Brooklyn Bridge, and the new Fulton Center. A total of 77 custom audio-activated MTA On the Go Travel Station kiosks currently feature the campaign. Another spot, for use on non-platform subway station screens, features the actress smiling and flirting with passing commuters. Lifetime developed the campaign with Horizon Media, Control Group and New Tradition.

Lifetime Television is the First US Advertiser to Use Audio to Trigger a DOOH Ad Campaign

Based on J. Randy Taraborrelli’s New York Times bestseller of the same name, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe begins with a portrait of a young Norma Jeane Mortenson as she battles a lonely and loveless existence with an absent mother. Despite the odds, Norma Jeane blossoms into a funny, smart and ambitious woman and soon reinvents herself to become the symbol of an era. She revels in stardom, yet remains a fragile artist, desperate for the approval and protection of men. The outside world never truly sees or understands the real Marilyn, a woman so different from her public persona. As her fame grows, all three of her marriages crumble beneath her quite publicly, including her relationships with Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller.

Ultimately, Marilyn could never control her inner demons and the onslaught of mental illness inherited from her mother, Gladys, a woman she loves, hates and wants desperately to save. Although the studio told the world that Marilyn’s mother was dead, it is the great secret of Marilyn’s life that Gladys remained a vital and troubling part of her world. As Marilyn cares for her mother, her obsession with President John F. Kennedy drives her over the edge and, ultimately, into an insane asylum. Still, as Marilyn Monroe soldiers on, she gives the performance of her life, successfully hiding her darkest secrets from the world.

Lifetime is the first advertiser in the U.S. to use audio-sensory technology in the New York City MTA subway. A DOOH ad campaign for Apolosophy, a hair-care product ran last December in Sweden’s subway system.

Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg, Courtesy of A&E Networks

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