Audience Research Confirms High Ad Recall and Dwell Time on Pharmacy Health Network

Cardinal Health's digital advertising network for retail pharmacies, called Pharmacy Health Network, is an effective way for advertisers to market products to consumers at the point-of-purchase.

Nielsen’s Latest Audience Research Study Found Pharmacy Health Network Encouraged Dialog and Increased Sales

DUBLIN, OH — Nielsen’s latest audience research study, which measured audience exposures to digital out-of-home advertising network locations, has found that Cardinal Health’s digital advertising network for retail pharmacies, called Pharmacy Health Network, is an effective way for advertisers to market products to consumers at the point-of-purchase.

Pharmacy Health Network broadcasts advertisements and educational content to flat-panel LCD screens placed in retail pharmacies, enabling advertisers to target consumers while they wait for prescriptions to be filled. Nielsen interviewed consumers as they were leaving Pharmacy Health Network locations. The study revealed that 94 percent of those surveyed said that their pharmacist or physician was their primary information resource when researching health and wellness products.

Sixty three percent of viewers recalled advertisements on Pharmacy Health Network; and 91 percent of viewers indicated that the Pharmacy Health Network was informative; while 74 percent indicated ads are more believable when viewed in a pharmacy.

This research also found that:

  • Approximately half (49%) of viewers surveyed indicated that they felt encouraged to discuss a product or brand they had seen on Pharmacy Health Network with their pharmacist
  • Forty eight percent indicated that after seeing ads on Pharmacy Health Network, they felt motivated to discuss those products or brands with their physicians
  • Thirteen percent of consumers who have seen ads on the Pharmacy Health Network have purchased those products or brands
  • The average audience dwell time in proximity to the screen is just under twelve minutes

“This study again confirms that consumers consider advertising messages on Pharmacy Health Network to be informative and highly credible, and that ads on our network drive action by encouraging consumers to talk with their pharmacists and physicians about products they see on our network,” said John Disher, senior manager of Cardinal Health’s Pharmacy Health Network. “As our network continues to receive a positive response from advertisers and consumers alike, we look forward to expanding the number of stores and advertisers that participate in the program.”

Audience Research Study Confirms High Ads Recall and Dwell Time on Pharmacy Health Network

Pharmacy Health Network is also the only in-pharmacy advertising network to be featured in Nielsen’s third quarter Digital Place Based Video Report, which measures audience exposures in digital out-of-home network locations. Nielsen’s Digital Place Based Video Report indicates that Pharmacy Health Network garnered more than 2.9 million viewers over a four week period.

“The Pharmacy Health Network provides a perfect digital inter-medium between my patients and their much-needed counseling,” said Justin Ceravolo, pharmacist and assistant pharmacy manager at Cypress Pharmacy in Fort Myers, Fla. “I have seen an increase in sales, as well as an increase in patient comfort with speaking to the pharmacist, which can be attributed substantially to the educational content aired while the patients wait for their prescriptions.”

Participating retail pharmacies receive installation and ongoing maintenance for a flat-panel LCD screen and directional, targeted audio system, on which the health-related content plays. Participants also receive a custom brochure rack to provide pharmacy customers with easy access to health-related materials, coupons, brochures, business reply card and other promotional and educational materials.

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