AdSemble Launches Self-Service DOOH Media Marketplace

AdSemble Launches Self-Service DOOH Media Marketplace

Real-Time DOOH Media Buying Platform Now Available in 4 Markets, including New York and Los Angeles

NEW YORK, NY — DOOH media has historically been difficult to buy as the process, up until very recently has been largely a manual undertaking. A number of companies are working on bring automation to the process and increase efficiency between the buy-side and sell-side for the medium.

The field is getting crowded, companies currently working on automation solutions for DOOH media include: ADstruc, a media-buying platform that automates the RFP process; Adfresco, an online media marketplace; Fliphound, an automated on-line buying platform for billboards; rVue, a demand-side platform for DOOH media; Vistar Media, a programmatic platform that combines DOOH media with location-based mobile; Xaxis Places, a real-time bidding platform, and rumor has it that Kinetic is also working on a platform to automate the buying of both static and DOOH media.

Now AdSemble, a San Jose-based developer has launched AdSemble Marketplace, a self-service marketplace for DOOH media. Launched in 2007, the company has been serving the DOOH media space across the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago metropolitan regions for sometime, and has now expanded into the New York City and Los Angeles metropolitan regions with the launch of their new platform.

According to AdSemble, their platform provides the most precise, real-time view of DOOH media, enabling sellers to manage their entire inventory. AdSemble Marketplace enables sellers in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Chicago to create a personalized inventory overview that includes details on each display in a media company’s network. The platform also provides users with the ability to set pricing and accept or reject incoming advertiser bids. Inventory providers can manage entire advertiser campaigns, end-to-end using the platform.

Advertisers are also aided by the ability to sign one contract with AdSemble, no matter how many media providers they choose to work with. Major brands that have run campaigns using AdSemble’s platform include, AOL, Samsung, Five Guys, H&R Block and the San Jose Earthquakes.

AdSemble Marketplace platform provides users with an online dashboard that enables advertisers to buy and monitor DOOH media campaigns including total campaign spend and analytics. Campaigns also include photographic, real-world proof that an advertiser’s campaign has run.

“After nine years of operating in a handful of major markets, we’re thrilled that today’s expansion and self-service launch will help digital out-of-home networks in LA and NYC to bring their inventory online, and to make it automated and searchable,” said Matthew Olivieri, CEO, AdSemble. “Today’s launch also makes it easier for regional and national advertisers, and their agency partners, to reliably search and buy digital out-of-home locations without having to manually call or email to hundreds of inventory providers, one-by-one.”

Online Tools for Media Buyers and Planners

Free Online Tools for Media Buyers and Planners

The DOOH Ad Network Locator is a free online resource designed to help media buyers, planner and brand strategists identify place-based digital out-of-home advertising networks by location, venue type, demographics and reach. There are more than 160 advertising-based networks organized by country that include Australia, Canada, United States and the UK. The United States is organized by venue type as it has the broadest range of venue categories, with the greatest number of ad-based networks operating within each category.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, also known as Digital Place Based (DPB) media, utilizes strategically placed, networked digital signage displays to reach on-the-go consumers while they are outside of their home with highly targeted messages. Digital out-of-home screens can be found in locations that include transportation hubs such as airports, railway and bus terminals; executive networks in office-building lobbies and elevators. Other venues include shopping malls, gas stations, fast-casual restaurants, fitness centers, hotels and more.

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